Best shortcut links sites and higher pay

There are many sites allow Tools Projects short URL addresses. Allow you to make cash when they are used to shorten the long positions from different URLs. You can add a shortcut to your blog titles, and on the Internet, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network when it belongs.
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Cannibals folks appeared before the prophet Noah

The video features a comic character and entertaining is to clarify the desired live primitive human way and say that the significance of human stages in which we live today is a great leap achieved by
human beings in the history of the land and is intended to promote.

Best Linux features, and what it is considered the best in the competition

Linux system, its features and what is considered the best operating systems in every competition system. Before we get into the depth of the speech, let's take a short about this system.

- Linux is the operating computers or computer system, as well as mobile operating system Android is a fork of Linux. This system came into existence in 1969 with support from Bell Labs in the United States, both by Ken Thompson, Glas McIlroy, and Joe Dennis Rachid Awasanna. To begin to evolve day after day is a gigantic system and up to the year 2008 to achieve the system is equal to $ 25 billion. I personally fond of this system is strongly adore.

Linux system is distinct from the rest of the other systems with several advantages, among them 13 most important feature, as follows:
1. The first thing that is known as the technical experts and enthusiasts that Linux is the most protective system. It is open source, or Open Source system where they can volunteer for developers to develop and improve the performance of Linux and tinkering with loopholes and thus increase the protection and strength.

2.astaqrarh, or what is called The Stability it is considered a system the most stable at all, and the best proof of that is used as a system of servers or Alsarforat The majority of servers running under the Linux operating system, including servers, Google, Facebook, YouTube and many sites and major companies.

3. The Permissions licenses or property are characterized by between Linux and other systems where these circumstances that the licenses are designed to protect your files from hackers and other users.

4. Free 100% under the GPL license with the exception of Maotai Rhel or RedHat and Suse.

5. freedom to choose the distribution that you like from among a large number of distributions available to you, and all this under one system I am a Linux, according to your taste and experience, and also to your needs. Unlike Windows or Makntosh.

6. the possibility of using Linux immediately after the tracklist, there is no need to download the definitions of external programs, for example, to read a PDF or audio media files.

7. availability of Linux on a large amount of free software that you can use as well as the development of property rights without dont forget, because it was originally an open source.

8.eks and Andosalta Gel programs driven and expensive, forcing users to search for activating the file, here's the problem, we find that most of the activation or amalgamation You alone are integrated viruses by hackers.

9. ease of software installation just doing something in Altairmanal and wait until the installation is completed. Unlike Windows.

10.stah professional office, light and attractive as you can choose between a large number of surfaces and interfaces, such as KDE, Gnome, Gnome Classic, 'I am a person like interface OpenBOX and Gnome.

11. provided on the Auto-Defragmentation property Linux, there is no so-called B Allback Doors that are incorporated by major software developers to enter and spy on any user with Linux you are safe, and these additional point for the protection of Linux.

13.lst have to reboot the machine after installing a program or what Bakiq. Unlike Windows, which require that you work Restart to complete the installation of some programs. In Linux, even when the system update Ristart unnecessary.

NOTE: Only when updating the core, or kernel must work Restart of the device, either at that moment or later.
And last but not least, a mild and professional Linux system you do not need high requirements to install it, so that you can run it on an old device, unlike Windows, which needs to be additional requirements.

Kaspersky reveal new information about its OS

A lot of news pointed out years ago that the Russian company "Kaspersky" specialized in security solutions and antivirals preparing to launch its own operating system, but this news was soon disappeared, before returning again this time formally through a new ad for the company.

-The Kaspersky Lab has announced this ambitious project in 2012, although the project is older than that, as the company pointed out that the idea dates back to 12 years ago and since that time the company is working to develop the system, which was confirmed during the current week, founder and CEO of the company. " Eugene Kaspersky, "the official blog.
Eugene Kaspersky did not go into specific preliminary information to the system, which carries the name "Kaspersky OS" But we now also know that the system is ready, and it focuses on the security side through technology integration into "digital signature" as Kaspersky has provided network switch "Switch "The new working system running Kaspersky.

CEO of Kaspersky confirmed that Kaspersky OS system is based on the Linux kernel is open source, but the product of the work of the company, which started since 2004, the company also indicated that this system will work, especially on industrial systems that require private insurance.

Security engineering director of Google workers reveals the truth about protection programs

As you read these first lines of the subject, it is likely, and significantly, that a well-known security software operates in the background of your computer, believing you, or all of us that you are protected from hackers and spyware, so it is necessary You can not Ocean about it, but what is the opinion of security experts Google workers about the effectiveness of this protection?
During Kiwicon hacking conference, he said director of security engineering and infrastructure protection company Google Darren Bilby explicitly and clearly:

He said that the protection software wizardry wrong or ineffective, is installed on computers managers all around, not efficiency, but because they must therefore, as he added:
Please, no more magic [...] We have to stop investing in these things for as long as it does not work uncovered

- This has been the spokesman pointed out that the protection programs do some useful things, but they have become obsolete and is not suitable for protection, and invited experts and scholars conference to focus on things make the difference in the world of protection does not harm in the allocation of important time to her, as systems determine parasitism (intrusion detection systems) because today it is real industrial and institutional approach to the world in the field of protection, where the user can protect and even though the face of the site with a malicious program or when you open a booby-trapped file on the computer.

This has been criticized Bilby operating systems as well, and considered offers solutions middle, not Jdrah Kges user not to click on malicious links, the one who shows the weakness of the thing to protect these systems, so the responsibility now rests with the engineers to find alternative solutions in this area.

Apple accused of stealing patented

It emerged a new issue for Apple, and it accuses of violating intellectual property for patents in the ownership of a company specializing related to shipping technology used in smart phone iPhone 6S, the issue of Tndhav it to a number of issues in the United States and China, which the company is accused of stealing patents and lack of respect intellectual property rights.

A number of specialized sites such as " Mac Rumors ' pointed out that "Somaltus ' the company filed a lawsuit in a state of East Texas courts against Apple, accusing it of stealing patented Odmojtah Apple in the phone from the iPhone 6S model, and it comes to the ' Fast Shipping / technology Fast Charge .

-The patent registered in the name Somaltus company bearing No. 7657386 and as the ' Integrated Battery Service System '  and was developed by the company in 2010 as the company demanding compensation from Apple due to unlawful use of this technology, without specifying the amount of compensation accurately.

-It is noteworthy that Apple is not the only company concerned to exploit this technique, as previously the company Somaltus to put judicial complaints against other companies used the same innocence in their devices and on top of Asus and Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and Sony, as she has managed in the past to reach agreement Mali friendly with two of the automakers and Ford and two in April on the same patent in question.

Mark Zuckerberg penetrating account and head of Google Inc.

Having a team of Saudi hacker who called himself ourmine broke Mark Zuckerberg accounts on Twitter and Pinterest site earlier this month, the team was able to penetrate a new account CEO of Google on the site quora yesterday.

- He has three pirates constituent of this group to publish on the site Quora through account executive director of Google caller his account on Twitter to confirm penetrate his account, said the pirates that they are testing the protection and security of persons to stand up to the power of Password, which Iatamdoonh, they are after all a breakthrough process that does not change their password for these accounts.
- It is known that this group already targeted many of the founders and chief executives of a large number of technology companies in the recent period, it was not clear after the manner in which they adopt in the application of the hack, and deceives the goal of this group is to prevent other hackers to penetrate these accounts via an alert victim after a break.

Avast AVG acquires the company at $ 1.3 B

In one of the world's largest digital deals in recent years, the company ' Avast ' announced security solutions and the development of anti-virus software for its acquisition of rival company AVG.

- And media reported yesterday evening the news of the huge deal between the two sides, which ended years of competition between the two companies AVG to become an official of the former rival Avast, reaching acquisition to $ 1.3 billion, and thus enhancing Avast its position in the security software market.

With this agreement, the company AVG will not disappear from the market to calculate Avast but will work together in order to sweep the markets where they are together consortium of more than 400 million, half of handhelds device.

Google reveal the meaning of the name Android N

Finally Revealed Google for the name chosen for the new system operated portable devices, and after that we knew long ago that the code name is Android N, many of the estimates spawned about full name and went several opinions to the fact that the name will be in the end is the Android Nutella, but Google had a different opinion.

-Google revealed a little while ago on the official account of Android on the social networking site Twitter full name chosen for its system, where it turns out that it comes to me "Android Nougat" and as usual it is the type of sweets famous, where she was speculation at the outset that the name may be agree to Alnotela chocolates.